Marketing Metrics

Marketing metrics are the various data sets used to analyse variables that will affect your marketing campaign in quantifiable terms. A common metric all advertisers are interested in is the 'return on investment' (ROI) which tells you how successful your marketing endeavours are.


At Primista ROI data is offered in our campaign costs reports. You will know how much you are paying and how effective various components of your campaign are. You can decide whether you want to increase or decrease your profile in various targets. Other significant statistics present how users interact with your website, these reports are detailed user reports and will help you make your website more effective.


Finally if you really want to be on the leading edge of your industry in terms of corporate intelligence you will be interested in our competitor analysis reports. These reports tell you when your competitors make any changes to t heir website so that you know what they are up to. Competitor analysis reports are an inexpesive way to increase your peace of mind in terms of know what is changing in your industry.


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