Our popular products are listed below. For advice on which products to use to achieve your desired results please fill out the free estimate form.

Targeted Search Engine Marketing Campaigns (SEM)

Affordable, effective and quickly implemented campaign will rapidly pay itself off by driving targeted leads to your website.

You will benefit from:

  • Detailed reports showing you where every cent that was spent went and how people interact with your website (Marketing Metrics)
  • Continuous research and improvement of your advertising messages, through A/B split testing
  • Continuous improvement of the keywords and phrases being targeted by your campaign
  • Target your neighbourhood or the whole world, or anything between
  • Advertise on industry related websites (Contextual Advertisting) (Not included in BE SEEN or GET MORE campaigns)
  • Ongoing optimisation of keyword and phrase bid prices
  • Have your business appear on Google Maps
  • Start advertising for as little as $2 per day
  • No set up fees
  • Complex campaigns and multilingual services available to target French, German, Spanish, and Italian demographics. (Localisation)


The BE SEEN campaign, management costs $30 per month

This is our basic campaign designed to increase the visibility of a business serving a neighbourhood or local community with a few specific products. Examples of businesses that benefit form The BE SEEN Campaign are those like plumbers or optometrists. This campaign will let your target market know who you are, where you are, what your core business offerings are, and deliver new clients to your website. We suggest starting this campaign with a $30 per month ad buying budget. For $2 per day you will be seen online by your local community as a service provider. Can you afford not to subscribe to the BE SEEN Campaign!

The GET MORE campaign, managment costs $65 per month

This campaign is designed to increase the visibility and drive sales of a business serving a local community with a range of products. Examples of businesses that benefit from The GET MORE campaign are a beauty salon, or an electronics store. These businesses offer a range of product or services that people will search for spcifically. The GET MORE campaign will increase the visiblity of your business, detailed products and services, and drive people who are interested in what you sell directly to you. We suggest starting this campaign with a $65 per month ad buying budget. For just over $4 per day your will get more traffic from the people who are looking for what you offer. Compare that to any print media advertising!!

The MAG-NET campaign, management costs $90 per month

This capaign is designed for businesses that want to expand into new markets or develop their existing online presence. Examples of businesses that benefit from The MAG-NET campaign are manufacturers or specialised services, these businesses target large, and varied, or highly specialised markets. The MAG-NET campaign serves your messages in up to 3 different areas. Your messages are tailored to target the various markets you are targeting so that people who search for your specific products or services will find you.

The WORLD WIDE campaign, management $90 per month

Is your company expanding into new language markets? Maybe you are an account manager with a media company and you are looking for a cost effective solution to market your client into other languages. Whether you are looking for an affordable marketing campaign for your own business or for your client the WORLD WIDE campaign offers you the benefits of paid search marketing and contextual ads. Target French, German, Spanish, Italian, or Italian. Rates for campaigns in other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are available on an estimate basis only. Learn More.


Website Analytics

Detailed website analytics reports, $10 per month.

Discover how people find your website. Find out how people navigate through your web site. Set specific goals and find out how many people reach those goals. Learn More.

Analytics initial installation, $45 (up to 50 pages) Before web site analytics can begin tracking user data, the tracking code has to be installed in each page of the website. This code is the Google-Urchin tracking code. This is a one time fee.

Ranking Report, $10 per month

Find out how your website compares to your competitors in the non paid (organic) search engine results for the keywords that people use to find your web site. Learn More.

Competitor Analysis, contact us for a quote

Find out what your competitors are focusing on with their online marketing campaign. Keep abreast of new developments with their online marketing strategy. Learn More.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation, contact us for a quote

Get high rankings in the natural (non-paid) rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN on keywords that drive traffic to your website. Learn More.


Link Exchanges

Link exchange campaign management, $25 per month

A link building campaign will increase your rankings in the unpaid search engine results. By signing up for a link exchange campaign your web site will steadily build incoming references and credibility. Leave the day to day managment to us. Learn More.

Link exchange script installation, one time initial set up, $100. A link exchange script allows other website owners to submit their information for review and inclusion in your web site's link exchange campaign. This is a one time fee.

Website Localisation

Localisation services, contact us for a quote

Primista can help you quickly and inexpensively increase your profile in foreign language markets like German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Whether you simply want to advertise to different language demographics, or if you want to translate your website, Primista can manage the process for you.